Special Recognition License Plate Application REG 17A:  Required by California Motor Vehicle to release interest in license plate.



Affidavit for License Plate Switch:  Required by the DMV signed and notarized by the two parties transferring plates.


Affidavit to Release Retained License Plate:  Required when giving a retained plate to another party.  Must be Signed and Notarized.


Affidavit to Transfer Low Digit Tag with Vehicle:  Required by the DMV to purchase a vehicle with a low digit plate.  Must be signed and notarized by seller.


Application for Duplicate Title or Sold out of State to Retain License Plate:  Must be filled out and signed by owner of vehicle.


Power of Attorney:  Required when appointing another party to go to the DMV on your behalf.  Must be signed and notarized.


Request of Title from Lienholder to DMV:  Required when financing or leasing your vehicle and do not have title in hand.  Fill out and fax to bank.